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Brittany: Editor in Chief / Lead Critic

Brittany’s Articles
Brittany is a Chemist by day & a Pop Culture enthusiast by night.
She is an avid fan of sports, movies & mystery novels.
Twitter = @BB18180


Manh: Media Relations Editor

Manh’s Articles
Manh is an artist and aspiring director/DP.

He prides himself on being a true stan of the horror genre!
Twitter = @lonny_aster


Cass: Novel Critic

Cass’ Articles
Cass studies psychology & philosophy.
In her spare time, she is a fanatic of movies and books.
Twitter = @philthatos


Terrence: TV Critic

Terrence’s Articles
Terrence is a charming & loquacious black writer who prides

himself on watching almost everything!
Twitter = @NewTSage


Jessica: Music & TV Critic

Jessica’s Articles
Jessica is an optimistic Optometrist with a love for all things J.K Rowling.
Everyday, Jess finds the magic in Music, on stage and on the big screen.
Twitter = @JB92501197


Keef: Film Critic

Keef’s Articles
Keef is an aspiring filmmaker and philosophy student.
He considers himself an avid fan
of superhero films, existential indies, and now, he’s a newly minted horror devotee.
Twitter = @TheFitzRacket


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