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Brittany Witherspoon

I am a Scientist by day and a pop culture enthusiast by night. I love sports, writing, reading comic books, and watching movies. But most importantly, I love spending time with people :)

Sundance Documentary Preview: GAZA

Sundance is fast approaching, and this year’s World Cinema Documentary Competition will prove to be enlightening. One of this year’s entries is GAZA. The documentary promises to introduce the audience to the surprising, unexpected and unfamiliar stories that are reflective of this Palestinian territory. It will show to the […]

Sundance Movie Teaser: MOPE

This year’s Midnight line-up at Sundance is looking to demonstrate the great range horror and comedies will bring to its viewers during the 2019 film year. One of this year’s entries is MOPE, directed by Lucas Heyne. The story follows the tragic true story of two best friends, Steve […]

Vice – Review

Adam McKay (director of The Big Short) is no stranger to politics and difficult concepts. And in his latest, Dick Cheney is at the center point of his script. Vice is a satirical biopic of the former Vice President that recounts his years serving the US government from […]

The Mule – Review

Clint Eastwood’s second feature of 2018, The Mule, asks a lot of its audience. In the opening sequence, not a minute goes by before a deportation joke comes up. And that’s just one of many one-liners that some audiences may find uncomfortable. But in actuality, Eastwood recognizes his […]

Vox Lux – Review

Vox Lux, the latest from Brady Corbet, is a boisterous and risky look into how healing from tragedy can be inspired by pop music. Though its underlying message is thoroughly existent throughout the film, it is the purpose and sincerity that gets lost over its three acts. Celeste Montgomery, played […]