How to Join Pop Culture Reviews (PCR)

Welcome to Pop Culture Reviews! We’re looking for new writers (and guest writers) to join our growing team of film & tv critics, music commentators, interviewers, and more. Our goal is to provide a platform for fans of all-things Pop Culture to critique and interpret content. And the mission of our site is to fairly judge works of art and express our opinions in meaningful ways that will resonate with readers. It should be noted that positions on our team are unpaid. So, please consider this before applying.

Why join PCR?

If you’re interested in sharing your love of film, music, TV, and more, PCR may be the home for you! This is a site for fans who want their voices heard in regards to criticism and/or those looking to build their portfolios.

Should you join our team, there are just 3 requirements:

1) Write Meaningful Content.

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  • Our content is mostly published through written articles, though interest in other platforms (podcast, video) are always welcomed. Whether you’re interested in writing Film, TV or Album reviews, reflecting on your favorite content from the past in the form of retrospective articles, contributing to our weekly newsletter, or creating a top-10 list of any kind, PCR may be the home for you to write!

2) Give an Honest Opinion.

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  • It is in our (and the readers’) best interest to be completely honest in whatever we write. No one will police your work; we’ll encourage it – no matter what you feel regarding the content about which you’re writing. Nonetheless, there are ways to convey your message and give your valid opinion without being disrespectful and vitriolic. And PCR prides itself on standing by these values.

3) Have Fun.

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  • With all of that being said, we want you to have fun and grow as a writer. This platform is designed to help novices in their criticism or experienced writers to grow their portfolios. But none of it is worth it if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing or the content you’re writing about.

How to join PCR?

Please fill out the following form: PCR Application, and our team will respond ASAP.


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