No Exit | 4 Reasons to Watch

Director: Damien Power
Screenwriters: Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari
Starring: Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez, David Rysdahl, Dale Dickey, Mila Harris, and Dennis Haysbert
Cinematographer: Simon Raby

Based on Taylor Adams’s 2017 novel of the same name, No Exit is the latest original film adaptation on Hulu’s streaming service. The story follows recovering addict Darby Thorne (Havana Rose Liu) during the most difficult time in her life. While in rehab, she learns that her mother is in the hospital due to a brain aneurysm. Without hesitation, Darby finds a way to escape rehab by any means necessary. Even if that means getting trapped in a blizzard and encountering child kidnappers in the process.

Damien Power’s 95-minute anxiety-inducing tale of thinking on your feet to save a life is as stressful as it sounds. While contrived with convenient information, it is fast-paced and entertaining from start to finish. So, if you’re bored and need a little anxiety in your life, what better way to spend a chill night? Here are 4 reasons to watch Damien Power’s No Exit.

4) That’s alright, that’s OK…

I won’t lie… This film is quite predictable when we get to the scenes of the main plot. The script has convenient character connections that are too easy to miss. And yet… it doesn’t matter one bit! This fast-paced story is great popcorn fun. It tends to tap into demented bits, but how could it not? It just works. Plus, this horror fangirl got the perfect about of gory fun out the film. For that alone, it gets a recommendation from me!

Courtesy of Hulu

3) I’m a simple girl, in a simple world.

One of my favorite parts about No Exit is that screenwriters Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari did not overcomplicate things. The story is as simple as it comes and very easy to follow. They strategically designed a script that made the dialogue feel realistic, and it never oversaturates the film. Even with a nice twist, this is about as straightforward as it gets. It makes for a light watching experience that we tend to need from time to time.

2) Man… It’s chaotic!

Usually in films like Damien Power’s adaptation, a lot happens in a short amount of time. Things are no different in this ridiculously twisted adventure of heroism and survival. It’s the best kind chaotic energy and mayhem I tend to welcome on a relaxing evening. So, I cannot recommend this enough. Just remember… you’ve been warned!

1) A fight to the finish

If you ever needed a protagonist to cheer for, may I nominate Havana Rose Liu’s Darby Thorne? She brings a performance that is worth every second of your time because of her drive and relentless pursuit of justice. Darby’s fight to the finish is an excruciating one, yet it’s so damn earned. Nothing is gifted. If that’s not worth a couple of cheers, I don’t know what is!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Damien Power and company developed a nice popcorn flick with just enough anxiety-inducing mayhem to last an entire week. This chaotic, 95-minute feature is fast paced and promises to be good time right from the beginning. Though predictable by nature and conveniently written, No Exit brings a sense of urgency and magnetic energy that I’ve not experienced with a streaming movie in quite some time. Plus, viewers can expect a badass performance from Havana Rose Liu. Adding in some gutsy heroism and gory fun, this hidden gem is simply a must-watch!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Check out the trailer for Hulu’s No Exit – available to stream now!

No Exit – starring Havana Rose Liu

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