My First Tribeca | Employee of the Month, The Integrity of Joseph Chambers & God’s Time

A recap and reviews of films from my first Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s my first Tribeca Film Festival (from home)! Excitingly enough, I got to watch a couple of films that were right up my alley. And if you are like me and can’t get enough of dark comedies and psychological dramas, then these selections from Tribeca 2022 are for you. The synopsis of the films below were the ones that caught my attention the most. Here’s how my first Tribeca is going so far.

Employee of the Month | Director: Veronique Jadin

My First Tribeca
Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Synopsis: In this mischievous dark comedy, an employee at a cleaning product company accidentally commits a messily bloody crime and must figure out how to cover her tracks with the help of her young trainee.

Review: Combining social commentary, dark comedy and a hell of a lot of cleaning, Employee of the Month was a fun watch for my first Tribeca film. Unfortunately, the commentary on gender inequality felt more performative than anything. Consequently, it felt a bit forced. However, I still enjoyed myself when watching Jasmina Douieb on screen, as her latest antics took place in her despicable workplace. A bit repetitive, but an entertaining and cathartic watch overall. 

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers | Director: Robert Machoian

Tribeca 2022: My First Tribeca
Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Synopsis: In this stark and brooding psychological drama, a family man – hoping to prove his survivalist capabilities and manliness to his family – decides to irresponsibly head off into the woods and go deer hunting by himself.

Review: I can really appreciate when a film keeps me questioning a character’s decisions, and I can safely say this film delivered on that front. The slow-paced character study of Joseph mostly relied on its performance by actor Clayne Crawford and its score. Both factors were highlights of the movie for me. Machoian’s The Integrity of Joseph Chambers lacks originality in its story. However, the film is intriguing enough for me to the point of looking forward to his next piece.

God’s Time | Director: Daniel Antebi

Tribeca 2022: My First Tribeca
Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Synopsis: A heart-racing, NYC-set dark comedy that sees two best friends in recovery for addiction trying to prevent the potential murder of their mutual crush’s ex-boyfriend.

Review: What an absolute blast! God’s Time is a pump of adrenaline perfectly set against the backdrop of the most exhilarating place in the world, New York City. Three charming standout performances from Ben Groh, Dion Costelloe and Liz Caribel Sierra. These actors elevated the script and their characters’ relationships to a whole new level. Every factor was intelligently used to enhance the storytelling — from fourth wall breaks to the lighting to the costume design. A chaotic rollercoaster of highly entertaining events, God’s Time is the standout of my Tribeca Film Festival experience thus far.

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