About Terrence

Terrence Sage is a Georgia-based freelance comic and film critic and a content editor for an independent manga and anime studio. He has been writing about all things Pop Culture since 2015. 

When Terrence isn’t writing about film, television, or comics, he’s reading anything on his shelf. He’s a champion of science-fiction, action, and musical films above all else. Terrence aims to discuss TV and Film that he believes needs more attention and should be watched immediately. He aims to keep people involved with everything nerdy–especially the comic book world. On the road to becoming a better film critic, Terrence wants to discuss movies earnestly and wholeheartedly.

Outside of reviewing, you can find Terrence yelling about shows on Twitter and arguing about nerdy things, respectfully. If he’s not watching cinema or has a book in his hand, there’s a controller nearby as he’s playing video games, or even practicing his photography. Terrence has a few ideas for novels and wants to get into the entertainment industry as a Writer.


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Fun Facts About Terrence:

Favorite Film Genre: Science Fiction
Favorite Films: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World | Annihilation (2018)
Favorite Actress: Regina Hall
Favorite Actor: Javier Bardem
Favorite Cinematographer: Claudio Miranda
Favorite Directors: Steven Spielberg | Denis Villeneuve