Long Shot – Review

When the worlds of journalism and politics collide, there’s usually a great deal of scandal, biased news or the occasional cover-up involved – plenty of reasons why audiences might find them to be mundane, or quite frankly, annoying. For Jonathan Levine’s film Long Shot, there’s a lot centered […]

PCR’s Film Newsletter – May: Week 1

Welcome back to PCR’s Newsletter! This week sees us enter a new month, and with that comes fresh developments in film. Read on to find out everything happening in the first week of May! Untitled Fantastic Beasts 3 Sequel Conjures Up New Release Date According to Variety, the third […]

PCR’s Film Newsletter – April: Week 2

Welcome back to PCR’s Film Newsletter! This week sees the return of South-Korea’s Bong Joon-Ho, the world premiere of Donald Glover & Rihanna’s Guava Island, and many more! Without further ado let’s dive into the latest developments in film during week two of April (8th-12th). “Guava Island” to […]

WHAT THE FEST?! 2019 Lineup

What The Fest?! is an annual film festival in New York City that celebrates the most innovative and exciting cinema on screens! These are films that are equally entertaining, surprising and sometimes shocking, making up genre movies–fantastic films that upend conventional limitations to help us escape reality and harbor […]

Bruce!!!! – Film Review

Eden Marryshow (Jessica Jones, Last Night) brings a new kind of comedy film about growing out of old habits and irresponsibility with his latest, Bruce!!!!, which released in select theaters March 15th. Except this time around, this indie film centers around an egotistical yet deeply insecure 30-something man, […]