Miracle Workers: Episode 105 Recap

Angels Craig, Eliza, and Sanjay request for God’s permission to save Nanna. Rosie gets an end of an earth-time promotion. Here’s a recap of episode 5, “3 Days”! (Spoilers included!)


Step inside Rosie’s afterlife where she aspires to become the strongest applicant for God’s Executive Assistant. Rosie lands the position and is excited to do good on Earth. However, it quickly becomes apparent that her average day will consist of opening cereal packages for God and bouncing off God’s business ideas such as a Lazy Susan restaurant.

Miracle Workers Ep 105 1/3/18 ph: Curtis Baker

Death Waiver

Only love will save the world from a scheduled explosion by way of humans Sam and Laura making for true love’s kiss in 3 days time. True love, however, is about to be turned upside down as the life of Sam’s beloved Nanna is planned to expire in 3 days time. The team of Craig, Eliza, and Sanjay visit the Department of Death to see what their options are. They are informed that dear Nanna can be granted 100 more days of life if God signs a Death Waiver form.

Zebulon Galaxy

Rosie, regretting her decision every day as God’s Assistant, continues to try to avoid his insignificant requests when she gets a special phone call. A recruiter from Zebulon Galaxy is wanting her to take a position as their Project Manager where she will be given countless benefits such as a personal chef, masseuse, company car, bag of jewels, and above all, a chance to do something meaningful. Rosie jumps on this opportunity as she deserves better than Heaven. However, she learns the job is not officially hers until the world is indefinitely destroyed.

Miracle Workers Ep. 105, Photo Credit: Curtis Baker | Courtesy of TBS

God’s Illiterate

The team seek help from Rosie to acquire God’s signature. Rosie is uninterested in helping an “illiterate mad man” and would rather see the Earth’s demise. This new detail struck an idea among the team to take advantage that God possibly cannot read. God is excited to test his signature Shocktail drink for his Lazy Susan restaurant among them leading to Eliza proposing that God needs to sign (quote) “a Liquor License form” to further his business plan. God, who obviously cannot read, is about to sign away when Rosie intervenes.

“You Gave Me Regular Fries?”

While Rosie is looking over the contract, the wrath of God is released when he finds out his chef brought him regular fries instead of curly fries. The chef is taken to his punishment in a secret back room where torture screams are heard ending with a loud suction-sounding pop. God then returns from the secret back room admiring a newly obtained small jelly bean and places it among the other jelly beans in a displayed goblet. When God asks Rosie to read out loud the contract, Rosie decides in the moment to become part of the team and pretends to read out an actual license form. God is convinced and he signs Nanna’s death waiver form.

Miracle Workers Ep. 105, Photo Credit: Curtis Baker | Courtesy of TBS

Signature Shocktail Umbrellas

The team is excited to have Rosie join in the Department of Prayers, and Rosie is satisfied with having a meaningful job at last. Craig is summoned to God’s office for stealing one of those fancy drink umbrellas from God’s Lazy Susan Shocktail prototype. Craig pleads reason with him that the umbrellas were too cute and tempting and that he will never steal them again. Craig’s punishment, however, was to open a large and extremely tight jar of jelly beans to retrieve the only root beer flavored jelly bean. Finally, with much struggle and groaning, the lid comes off with that loud pop once believed to be the sound of zapping someone into a jelly bean. Craig praises God for his gracious understanding and is relieved that is the extent of his punishment. However, God forewarns him that the next time will not be so forgiving. See what happens next on tonight’s episode on TBS!

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