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Eden Marryshow (Jessica Jones, Last Night) brings a new kind of comedy film about growing out of old habits and irresponsibility with his latest, Bruce!!!!, which released in select theaters March 15th. Except this time around, this indie film centers around an egotistical yet deeply insecure 30-something man, Bruce, who amidst adulthood still hasn’t found the key to maturity and competence. When he finds his back against the wall and life getting the best of him, Bruce concocts a plan to keep his well-being afloat; but as the saying goes, “karma is a bitch.”

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Bruce!!!!, written, directed and starring Eden Marryshow, is a low-budget comedy film that shows the damages and consequences of not accepting responsibility. The self-professed writer, director and playboy finds himself in an unruly predicament when his free-loading days come to an abrupt end. Bruce’s parents have just cut him off, and his roommate Greg (played by Jason Tottenham, House of Cards) informs him that he’s moving in with his fiancé Kerri (Jade Eschete). Desperate to keep his apartment and maintain his “swagger”, Bruce seeks a new roommate, who according to Bruce will be a hot female and pay 80% of the rent. Unbeknownst to Bruce, one candidate catches his eyes and his heart, unleashing a side of him that challenges his self-obsessed existence. Will Bruce change his ways, or is this narcissistic playboy destined for an eternity of loneliness?

Eden Marryshow’s film, Bruce!!!!, is a charming comedy that doesn’t let its budget get in the way of its entertainment value. From the beginning, it’s quickly established that the film is heavily focused on the character Bruce and what it would take to make him change his ways. With films like these, it’s hard to overcome and escape tiresome jokes and unfunny side storylines, but Marryshow does just that. He certainly tells his story well and watching the character Bruce, though unlikable at first, take the steps to change his ways is a character transformation that will be appealing to audiences. The storytelling, though not entirely original, is a necessary type of storytelling in an era in which “cancel culture” is prominent. The film begs us to ask questions like when is acceptable to let people grow and change, and therefore, “welcome” them back into society? The incorporation of concepts like these not only make Bruce!!!! enjoyable, but relevant for those still struggling to accept responsibility.


When the film doesn’t concentrate on these aspects, it does become banal and falls under the spell of romantic comedy tropes. For example, there’s the thrill of the chase storyline accompanied by underdeveloped supporting characters. However, that neither takes away from the plot or the storyline. Rather, it feels incomplete or not as compelling as the theme of Bruce turning a new leaf. What’s particularly forgivable about this feature is that this directional choice merges well with the character’s mission of maturity. So, not all is random. Furthermore, the cast’s chemistry along with Bruce’s journey of redemption makes for a reasonably crafted film that is entertaining.

In its 1 hr and 43 minute run-time, it might be hard for audiences to appreciate Bruce’s resolution of change come the third act when he’s been such a jerk practically all of his life. But by the time his decision comes to screen, his reasons for changing his ways doesn’t feel shoehorned or forced, rather earned and appreciable. And as a result, Marryshow’s feature merits the respect just as Bruce strives to earn it.

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