Miracle Workers: Episode 104 Recap

Sanjay and Eliza pair up to save the world. Craig assists God in establishing a relationship with the next prophet as his new wingman. Here’s a recap of episode 4, “6 Days”! (Spoilers included!)

The Bog Monster

Sanjay is now a part of the team in the Department of Prayers. Interested in getting to know each other’s pasts, they decide to show their past life on Earth. It is no surprise that Sanjay was a prince. Eliza was a fierce warrior seeking justice, and Craig was a caveman who, until now, just realized he wasted his entire life on keeping guard for the nonexistent bog monster. Already feeling as if he is not cool enough to be a part of the team, Craig takes another hit to his self-esteem as he watches himself eat mud in solitude.

Miracle Workers Ep. 104, Photo Credit: Curtis Baker | Courtesy of TBS


Rosie has to now deal with God as Sanjay has moved on from being his right-hand man. She convinces God to talk to someone on Earth. Rosie swipes left on her tablet on her Prophetmatch.com app in hopes of finding a prophet who could entertain God . She finds Dr. Dave Shelby (played by Tim Meadow), a laser eye surgeon who plays in a band on weekends. Rosie encourages God to “just go crazy” and give him a call. Rosie, fearing that she is God’s next wingman tries to persuade Sanjay to come back to God. Sanjay is still uninterested in being a part of that drama. However, Craig leaps at this opportunity as he is fed up with being excluded from the team’s big decisions and always fetching Eliza and Sanjay’s coffee.

Grandma’s Boy

Sanjay makes the plan to have Sam and Laura meet at a party by way of a mutual friend. Laura and Sam try to mingle with awkward conversation and Sam showing off pictures of his beloved grandma. To strengthen Laura and Sam’s romance, Sanjay increases the alcohol content by way of turning up the volume on the subwoofer which knocks the alcohol into the fruit punch bowl through strong vibrations. Sam and Laura’s connection soon fades, however, as it now seems that they are unable to carry on a conversation from getting too drunk. Seeing that the alcohol content has reached 67%, Sanjay begs for Craig’s help, but Craig insists he is more needed as God’s wingman.

Miracle Workers Ep. 104, Photo Credit: Curtis Baker | Courtesy of TBS

The Break Up

God is upset that Dr. Dave Shelby has begun therapy since hearing his voice and orders Craig to hit him with a tornado. After much destruction to his life, Dr. Dave Shelby tries to let God down nicely. He reasons, “It’s not you, it’s me”, but he wants to preserve their friendship. God thanks him for his honesty and reflects on this time of rejection. He is able to reason that not letting this feeling go will only make you alone. Even though God goes against his own advice and orders Craig to kill Dr. Dave Shelby, Craig takes his advice and quits being God’s wingman to hurry back to the Department of Prayers. Rosie is now left to face all of God’s annoying requests as his new wingman.

Craig to the Rescue

Craig sees how the party is getting out of control and causes a house fire to cease all unintended binge drinking. Sam and Laura are able to escape and talk outside while the fire trucks arrive. They make plans to hang out Friday and Sam is excited to pick out an outfit with his grandma for the big date. And so the team of three are back together and excited to work to save the world. But at the end of the episode, it is revealed that Sam’s greatly admired grandma has less than 3 hours to live… Find out what happens next on tonight’s episode on TBS!

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