I Want You Back | 4 Reasons to Watch

Director: Jason Orley
Screenwriters: Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger
Starring: Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Gina Rodriguez, Scott Eastwood, Manny Jacinto, and Mason Gooding
Cinematographer: Brian Burgoyne

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but love is still in the air. The day for sweethearts almost always centers around romance and finding someone special to share it with. This holiday season has certainly followed suit with films like Marry Me (Universal Pictures) and The Royal Treatment (Netflix). But what about those who’ve been unlucky enough to experience heartbreak during this time? These types of movies are fewer and far between. Luckily, Amazon Studios knew to provide for the heartbroken.

In their latest breakup comedy, two 30-somethings Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate) have just been dumped unexpectedly. In a serendipitous discovery of each other’s heartbreak, the two join forces to pick up the pieces. Together, they devise a plan to win back their significant others Anne (Gina Rodriguez) and Noah (Scott Eastwood). Of course, they run into some hurdles along the way.

Here are 4 reasons to watch Jason Orley’s I Want You Back – only on Prime Video!

4) Lesson learned!

You ever feel like you’re at a point in your life where everything is going well? You’re ready to take the next step to better yourself, but life just gets in the way. We as humans don’t always react appropriately to unfortunate situations. That’s the element of surprise that’s elegantly explored throughout this feature. Peter and Emma aren’t exactly bad people. They just end up doing an indecent thing to make their lives wonderful again. By the time they realize their actions have significantly hurt the ones they love (and each other), it’s too late. But it’s a lesson most of us 30-somethings have learned by now. It’s not always about how we feel. It’s about actions, and the unintentional heartbreak we cause… Sometimes, it’s best to let go and let life.

3) A round of Ha Ha’s, please!

Part of the problem with many romantic comedies is they often forget the comedy during the writing process. In Jason Orley’s I Want You Back, I found myself chuckling quite a bit. And thank goodness for that! This script could bring out a variety of emotions in me. But I wholeheartedly found this to be hilarious. If you’re looking for a film that is as charming as it is genuinely funny, look no further. I Want You Back has got your back!

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

2) Did someone say “Awwwe”?

Yes. It was me! I admit it. Screenwriters Aptaker and Berger knew exactly how to play their cards to get an emotional rise out of me. The script doesn’t just tap into the comedic moments that only one like this could emphasize. But it’s designed to leave viewers in romantic bliss. Thanks to Charlie Day and Jenny Slate’s awkward yet enticing chemistry, it was easy to love anything positive that happened to these two. So yeah. There’s no shame in my game! This feature is emotionally pleasing from start to finish. Uttering a couple of “awe’s” was only natural!

1) We’re just really good friends

I haven’t seen a film that explored a genuine platonic relationship between men and women in a long time. Luckily for me, my long wait is over. Jason Orley does an excellent job with showcasing this aspect of the story. As the relationship progresses between the leads, feelings develop of course. But it was great to see Peter and Emma bond over a common life occurrence. As they learn more about each other’s strengths and passions, their feelings (unbeknownst to them) begin to spark as well. And what transpires is as sweet as chocolates on Valentine’s Day!  

Final Thoughts:

Jason Orley and the team have a gem on their hands with I Want You Back. This sweet and charming feature hits all the right spots this Valentine’s season. Whether you’re single or madly in love with your partner, there’s something in this film for everyone. At times, it does take a turn for the farfetched. But what romcom doesn’t? The movie is playful enough while showcasing special moments about believing in yourself. And that’s exactly why it gets a recommendation from me!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

See the trailer below for I Want You Back – available on Prime Video starting February 11, 2022

I Want You Back – starring Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Gina Rodriguez, & Scott Eastwood,

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