Miracle Workers: Episode 103 Recap

Angels Craig and Eliza attempt to jeopardize a charismatic new love interest from ruining Laura and Sam’s soon-to-be relationship, and also from ruining the world. Sanjay is showboating as the new featured executive on a TV show while trying to avoid spoon-feeding God, literally and figuratively. Here is a recap of episode 3, “12 Days”! (Spoilers included!)

Maximum Attraction

It seems Eliza and Craig have run into the worst obstacle: a smooth-talker. Mason (John Reynolds), appears to have captured Laura’s heart with his charm and pompous free spirit after running into her at a local coffee shop. Craig scrambles to ruin their day date in the park with a strong rainstorm. Unfortunately, Craig actually recreates the romantic scene from The Notebook making Mason appear more good-looking. As their connection grows steamy, Laura’s attraction meter reaches to the highest level possible of “Maximum Attraction”. There is no hope in sight for Sam to swoop in as the hero of the day as he is preoccupied with trying to put a fitted sheet on his bed.

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Miracle Workers Ep. 103, Photo Credit: Curtis Baker | Courtesy of TBS

A Really Important Show

Sanjay is the newest star of the TV show Game Changers as the next featured executive in all of the universe. Sanjay parades through all of Heaven Inc. bragging to the TV crew about his past accomplishments such as creating the famous Octomom when he worked at the Department of Prayers. As the interviewer presses on about learning of his current works with God, Sanjay is saved by Rosie’s note to see God immediately. After finding out that God needed help with heating up a pot pie, Sanjay quickly teaches him how to operate a microwave and returns to his tight schedule with impressing the TV crew. As God continues to make havoc for himself after burning his hands with handling the pot pie and insisting Sanjay spoon-feed him, Sanjay’s reality of only doing God’s bitch work is closer to being discovered — Sanjay’s greatest fear.

Miracle Workers Ep. 103, Photo Credit: Curtis Baker | Courtesy of TBS

Killing Mason

Things become very dire as Craig and Eliza resort to researching ways to kill Mason off. Eliza becomes weary when Craig compromises their romantic getaway to China only to enable Mason to move in with Laura as he is apparently homeless. With 12 days until the world’s demise, Eliza makes the decision to ask Sanjay for help. Craig, remembering the constant rivalry between them when Sanjay once worked at the Department of Prayers, was not so keen on this settlement but agrees as they have run out of ideas. Rushing to ask for help, Craig quickly relives the embarrassment as Sanjay belittles him and flaunts to the TV crew how Craig is in great need of his help.

“I’m Gonna Need All Hands on Deck”

Sanjay’s bitch work turns dirty as he continues to neglect God’s requests. Because Sanjay persuaded God to rather drink his lunch and was not at his side chaperoning, God drank a whole fridge of juices causing him to have the shits. Now Sanjay experiences the ultimate humiliation as God’s right-hand man cleaning up after him since God cannot use his own hands. Craig leaps at this moment for revenge and exposes Sanjay’s dirty secret to the film crew and all of the universe.

Miracle Workers Ep. 103, Photo Credit: Curtis Baker | Courtesy of TBS

Cold Fish

After Sanjay’s dirty work is exposed to the film crew, all of his credentials are lost. Craig apologizes sincerely and convinces Sanjay to join their team to do something more meaningful. Sanjay becomes inspired and whips up a quick plan to destroy Mason’s desirability through taking out his money source. Royal Britannia oil company stocks plummet after they cause an oil explosion destroying all of Mason’s dad’s assets. Mason’s credit card is indefinitely canceled revealing his true colors and sinking Laura’s attraction meter to the bottom level “Cold Fish”.

Those Dang Fitted Sheets

While Sam may not be successful in putting on fitted bed sheets and requires grandma’s advice for help, he still got the girl at the end of the day! Or at least he got a text message. Things are looking up for the world as this new team of three come together. Or has Sanjay now replaced Craig? Am I sensing a parallel universe? Stay tuned for Episode 4 airing tonight on TBS!

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